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We have recently had a number of enquiries from concerned dog owners about the incidence of Parvo in the North Leeds area. We are aware of 8 recent cases. 6 in unvaccinated and 2 in vaccinated dogs, the latter occurring between the second vaccination and the first year booster. All adult dogs who are up to date with their vaccinations will be fully covered to all 3 Parvo strains found in the UK. As long as the vaccinations are up to date then adult dogs will not be susceptible.

The occurrence in vaccinated dogs between their second vaccination and the first yearly booster has been proven to be due to antibody from the mother interfering with the second vaccination. The reduction, over time, of these antibodies is very variable between dogs, however, most will have gone by 10 weeks of age. Both cases found in the vaccinated dogs survived with appropriate supportive veterinary treatment.

In summary

1. In vaccinated dogs after their first booster there is minimal risk and no further action needs to be taken.
2. In vaccinated dogs, more than 16 weeks old, concerned owners should present their dog for an early first booster.
3. In newly vaccinated puppies, a 3rd Parvo vaccination can be given at 16 weeks.  There would be an extra charge for this.
4. Dogs vaccinated according to serology results may not be covered at all due to false positives and daily serological variations. It is recommended that these dogs’ vaccination status’ should be brought into line with the current data sheets.

It should also be noted that a small percentage of animals will not respond to vaccination at all and will remain susceptible no matter what.