Here at Ashlands our surgical team will give your pet their full attention in our first-class, modern  facilities as they provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

Procedures will be fully explained to you by our staff who are well versed across the board in surgical procedures, which are carried out with the best of technology to hand.

We carry out a rigorous anaesthetic protocol and your pet will be fully monitored with the administration of necessary pain management where necessary.

Our first-rate orthopaedic surgical facilities mean we can carry out specialist procedures such as tibial tuberosity advancement for cruciate rupture repair; tibial crest transplant and trochlea groove deepening for repair of a luxating patella and external and internal fixation of limb fractures.

We require your consent in writing for any procedures to be carried out on your pets.

Investigative Procedures

Diagnostic facilities at Ashlands include the latest digital X-ray and ultrasound procedures – both examples of medical imaging which can uncover health issues which may not always be found through external examination.

Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves and is commonly used to check for pregnancy or the life-threatening womb infection pyometra while X-rays produces images and are an effective way of looking at bones.

We can monitor your pet’s heart rate and rhythm through electrocardiography (ECG), check blood pressure and perform endoscopies – an internal test done under anaesthetic so your vet can assess whether or not your pet needs surgery.

Video arthroscopy is a procedure used by our vets to examine joints using a tiny camera to see without the need for larger surgical intervention. We also have comprehensive in-house blood-testing laboratory equipment which allows for faster results.

In addition we are also able to perform radiography for the BVA Hip and Elbow scheme using digital techniques. Both schemes were set up to reduce the incidence of dysplasia in the hip and elbow joints of dogs used for breeding .